Anti Ageing program by ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health Products

ZO Skin Health London at the Avanti Aesthetics ZO Skin Centre® offer anti-ageing skin consultations to patients who want to keep their skin looking young and also those looking to amend maturing skin.

ZO Skin Health products are not available to purchase online in London or the UK, in addition they should only be used following a thorough consultation with one of our expert Practitioners. Further information about the entire ZO Skin Health range at


An effective cleanser is a core part of any skincare regime. The Cleansers stocked at ZO Skin Health London at the Avanti Aesthetics ZO Skin Centre®  remove impurities, promote hydration, protect the skin from environmental damage. As a result, they can be used to prepare for other dermalogical treatments.

Whether your skin is dry, sensitive, oily, or you experience acne and breakouts, our comprehensive range of medical cleansers will leave your skin hydrated. In addition, you’ll feel soothed, clean, comfortable, and protected against harmful UV rays.


With their gentle, exfoliating effect, scrubs can be an invaluable addition to any skincare regime, and one that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. As well as removing dead skin to reveal a smoother texture and a healthy glow, a high medical-grade scrub can also stimulate healthy circulation and restore the skin’s normal pH balance. Above all, this further enhances the penetration of active ingredients.

Furthermore, each of our ZO Face & Body scrubs have been expertly developed using powerful, pharmaceutical ingredients. Specifically including ultra-fine, round magnesium crystals for the at-home benefits of microdermabrasion. A combination of vitamins C, A, and E will deliver powerful antioxidant protection for glowing skin.

Tone & Oil Control

Expertly developed to regulate oil production, tighten pores, and calm irritated skin, our ZO Skin Health toners can be used morning and night to deliver an intense, long lasting treatment that also addresses your skin care concerns.

Having oily skin isn’t unhealthy, but it certainly can be unpleasant. In particular, it can lead to clogged pores, acne and blemishes. Using potent ingredients and high concentrations, our oil control skincare products work from the inside out. Specifically, with continued use they will maintain healthy, happy and oil-controlled skin.


ZO Skin Health London at the Avanti Aesthetics ZO Skin Centre® stock a selection of anti-ageing products designed to restore skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In particular, all products contain carefully selected, powerful pharmaceutical ingredients, including; vitamin C, hexylresorcinol, soy and liquorice root, antioxidant complex, kaolin, bentonite, vitamin E, ceramide 6, and matrixyl 3000. As a result, these high performance ingredients can offer a whole host of stimulating benefits, including protection against DNA and free-radical damage. Likewise, these products will also promote cell turnover, and stimulate collagen production.