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Indiba Deep Care

Indiba Deep Care is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure to help smooth, tighten and contour the skin. You’ll feel firmer, lifted and rejuvenated.


Indiba Deep Care raises the internal temperature of the tissue as part of a relaxing yet effective treatment that works to stimulate collagen production and increase circulation. This treatment is ideal for skin that is starting to sag, redefining the jaw, loose jowls, sagging or excess neck skin and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

indiba deep care harley street london avanti aesthetics
indiba deep care harley street london avanti aesthetics
indiba deep care harley street london avanti aesthetics

Indiba Deep Care uses electrical pulses and heat to stimulate collagen production. The deeper layers of the skin are penetrated with heat which may feel like a deep heat sensation, whilst the outer layer of the skin is cooled during the treatment to avoid any damage.

Radio frequencies are used on the body to break down stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat which are then gradually eliminated by the body’s natural metabolic system. Our Indiba treatment is used on both the face and the body to tighten the skin by stimulating new collagen formation. It is by delivering a controlled heat directly to the tissue that causes collagen contraction and the formation of new collagen helping to reduce fines lines and wrinkles, strengthening the skin and helping it to look firmer, tighter and more healthy.

Benefits of our Indiba treatment include;

  • Anti-ageing
  • Reduces wrinkles and expression lines
  • Improves the appearance of the eye contour
  • Reduces bags under the eyes
  • Improves the appearance of double chin
  • Redefines facial contour
  • Firms the Neck and Décolleté
  • General well-being and skin rejuvenation
  • Pre & post Surgical procedures

After treatment your Practitioner will go through any aftercare advice in order to maximise your treatment benefits and avoid any undesirable side effects. The treatment takes about an hour but may be combined with other treatments as well.

With Indiba, there will be no downtime. After your treatment, you can resume your normal activities immediately, without having to follow any special post-treatment measures

The skin might appear flushed at first, but the redness should disappear within a few hours. There is no need to hide in the house afterwards, most patients are out and about. Just keep your skin covered and protected from the sun and look forward to a gradual lifting and tightening effect.

Treatment Time

1 hour

Back to Work



Not required

Duration of Results

6-9 months

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